Built-in Obsolescence band is a journey across the humanity behaviour.


Progress leads to material and introspective obsolescence, through a world where replacing is easier than fixing. A spasmodic run made of dreams, disillusionment and hope, sketches a spiral across the darkest truths of which the humanity will be doomed. Distress, disillusion and inertia.

On April 6th 2018 INSTAR is released. It’s the band’s first LP and concept album.

The band released its first EP “ABEL”┬áin 2014. It sums up ideas and sounds of B.I.O.’s first steps.

After many local gigs they gone on the road in October 2015 for an european tour.

Built-in Obsolescence continued it’s works, exploring darker and heavier sounds, getting closer to the post-metal scene.


Alternative / Post / Prog / Atmospheric / Metal

Built-In Obsolescence are:
Valerio Biagini – Bass
Gianmarco Ciotti – Guitar
Bruno Galli – Drums
Paolo Sanchi – Vocals, Synth
Alex Semprini – Guitar, Synth, Vocals