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3 weeks ago
Built-in Obsolescence - Project: Almaz

Infinity conquered, a dream fulfilled.
An astronaut lives its days as they were always meant to be: protecting what is held dearest.
Above this dreamer, above society, looms a wider scheme ... See more

4 weeks ago


"Project: Almaz" Launch Scheduled Tomorrow @ 13.00 CET

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a journey through the Atmosphere!

4 weeks ago

"We've been struck, everything fades.
We're going to drift in Space."

"Project: Almaz" Countdown: -2

1 month ago

"Finally here into the station, the effort was strong to get up here."

"Project: Almaz" Countdown: -3

1 month ago

"Outer space, the prize that I claimed. As an engineer soldier at the top my race."

"Project: Almaz" Countdown: -4

1 month ago

Domani... Journey Fest II

1 month ago
X-Mas Wishes 2019!

Built-in Obsolescence wish you a doomy crust-mas
and an atmo new gear(s)
📣📣 Guess the song! 📣📣
The first to guess right gets the ... See more

2 months ago

Something is going to happen...

2 months ago

Cult of Luna live @ Alcatraz - Milano. Post Metal and Visual Experience. An Atmospheric Ceremony.

3 months ago

Ieri andava così. Secondo voi:

1) si pianificavano cose sul nuovo disco, il quale avanza carico e deciso!
2) si mangiava mela cotta chiacchierando sui vecchi tempi andati